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8mm & 16mm Film Transfers

Frame-by-Frame Scanning of 8mm and 16mm Films

Transfer your 8mm films and 16mm films with crisp and clear frame-by-frame technology and watch your old home movies with ease. All film pricing includes careful cleaning, repair and splicing before transfer. DVD's or Blu-rays are chapter set for easy reference of your reels. We edit your film to provide the best picture and color correction possible.

Our scanning process is a sprocketless system that handles film by the edges, not the sprockets, for maximum safety, easily transferring film in excellent condition as well as being able to handle broken sprockets, bad splices and film that may not be in the best condition. Each frame is scanned and captured into a high resolution image sequence with a non-heat light source for maximum results in clarity and quality. We transfer 8mm film and 16mm film in Standard Definition and High Definition files.

We use the most trusted technology to transfer your precious memories, created specifically for the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood.

"I have seen the DVD's several times now, and just wanted to let you know what an awesome job you and your team did. Our early memories can be passed down for generations. YOU-made my father cry!!!! hahaha - We discussed names and memories. I am so glad I used your company. AWESOME!!!" - Brian G., Ohio

Bulk discounts available. Files can be exported to both PAL or NTSC formats.

Common Reel Size, Footage and Runtime

REEL SIZE FOOTAGE TIME LENGTH 8mm / 16mm Approx. Price
3" reel 50 ft Length approx. 3-3.5min / 2min SD $10/HD $15
4" reel 100 ft Length approx. 5-8min / 4min SD $20/HD $30
5" reel 200 ft Length approx. 13-15min / 8min SD $40/HD $60
6" reel 300 ft Length approx. 20-22min / 12.5min SD $60/HD $90
7" reel 400 ft Length approx. 26-30min / 16.5min SD $80/HD $120
16mm reels can be as large as 15" (approx. 2,300ft) - contact for pricing.

*You are only charged the actual footage of your film which is carefully counted as it is processed. Base pricing is to a hard drive/flash drive. DVD and Blu-Ray is an additional fee. See office for details.

How much film footage can you fit onto a DVD?

  • We can fit approximately 1000-1200ft of 8mm film to DVD or Blu-ray.
  • We can fit approximately 1600ft of 16mm film to DVD or Blu-ray.
  • We make the final determination to make sure you are receiving the best output of your film transfer.

For Standard Definition files - 720p: (.MOV)

  • 3" REEL = 50FT    = Approx. 1.5 GB
  • 5" REEL = 200FT  = Approx. 5.0 GB
  • 7" REEL = 400FT  = Approx. 8.5 GB

For High Definition files - 1080p: (.MOV)

  • 3" REEL = 50FT    = Approx.  3.0 GB
  • 5" REEL = 200FT  = Approx. 10.0 GB
  • 7" REEL = 400FT  = Approx  21.0 GB


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