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35mm Slides, Photos and Negatives

Transferring Slides, Photos and Negatives to DVD or Hard Drive

Transfer your family photos, negatives and 35mm slides to a data disc or hard drive and enjoy them with high quality detail. There is no need to break out the albums or projectors to view your memories. All can be viewed with the touch of a button.

35mm Slides and Negative Transfer

With Nikon Coolscan technology, we transfer your slides and negatives to Data Disc, Flash Drive or Hard Drive for easy viewing, printing and sharing. At 4,000 dpi, Digital Image Correction and Enhancement and a CCD sensor, slide colors and quality are digitally enhanced along with dust and scratch removal for high quality transfers.

 Formats We Scan:

  • 35mm Negatives and Slides
  • 126 Negatives and Slides
  • 110 Negatives and Slides
  • 127 Negatives and Slides
  • APS Film Canisters
  • Ask if your format is not listed

What's the file size of a scanned 35mm slide?

At 4.000dpi, each slide will be within 3-4MB in a .JPG format. We can also transfer to .TIF files if requested (additional charge may apply). Turnaround time will vary with quantity and file format.

Please note: Non-standard slides and negatives additional fees may apply. $5.00 minimum for scans.


Access Your 35mm Slides, Negatives and Photos Online

Would you like to have access to your 35mm slides and photo scans immediately?

We will upload your photos and slides to DropboxTM or Google DriveTM for FREE! Share your photos with family and access them anytime, anywhere. Please let us know if you would like this service added when placing an order.

Don't have an account with DropboxTM or Google DriveTM? Set up is free and we can help! Contact us for further assistance.


Photo and Document Transfer

We will transfer your old stacks of photographs and important documents for easier viewing and organization. One Flip Media, LLC scans your photographs and documents to data file for easy viewing and editing.  Great examples of items to transfer are old, damaged photographs, loose photos (not in albums), journals, newspaper articles, children's artwork... the possibilities are endless!  Contact us today to inquire how we can help you transfer to digital media.