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Photography & Design

Creating a brand will get you noticed when prospects search the internet for your products or services but if it is not done properly it can be a waste of time and money. There are many designers that will help create a stylish website but not follow through with optimizing your site for a higher search return. Some will insist on a certain image but it doesn't reflect your personality, style or product. One Flip Media, LLC helps you create an effective portfolio that will reflect you, your message and overall business goals.

We will thoroughly discuss your ideas and goals and recommend options to help maximize your results. Maybe the design is not reflecting the proper message, maybe your keywords are not correct, maybe your site has broken links or design flaws... One Flip Media will help you get on track and determine your needs, helping you attain the results you want within your budget.

What we offer:

  • Web Maintenance and Consultation - maintenance for websites, blogs, photos, pricing, products.
  • Content Management Systems - easier to maintain for frequent changes.
  • Social Integration - visitors are easily directed to your social pages.
  • Business Photography - product photography, real estate photography, headshots.
  • Fashion Photography - model and fashion portfolio building
  • Team/Sport Photos - team pictures, actions shots, action posters